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The Child’s Hidden Tiger
In the short story The Child by Tiger, Thomas Wolfe portrays mans dark side through the unexpected madness of the seemingly good-natured Dick Prosser and the actions taken by the town people. This story is set in an era when people believed race determined the moral character of a person. Many viewed blacks as social outcast and hence the cause of most crimes. This is true to the extent that African Americans were committing a large number of petty crimes, but were they really the cause. Many factors play into determining a cause, and in this case it is quite evident that the social conditions in which African Americans were forced to live in contributed to there social behavior. However, can these pressures push
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Here he learned tricks and traits that made him useful as a servant. It was his submissiveness towards white folks, which charmed everyone, particularly the kids. “He called all of us ‘Mister’…this formal address…pleased us immensely…” (Wolfe 24). Although the kids of the story admire Dick, they were raised as though they were superior to him. This form of upbringing is what keeps the social parasite called racism alive.
The town was incredibly cruel to Dick, but could this cruelty cause madness and eventually murder. On a table in Dick’s room “…there was always just one object: an old Bible almost worn out by constant use…(Wolfe 25).” Through out the beginning of the story, Dick was depicted as a deeply religious man, and hence not capable of such a sin as murder. It appears that Wolfe might have tried to foreshadow the horrific event by mentioning the strange jargon of Biblical phrases Dick chanted. “Oh, white fokes, white fokes, de Armageddon day’s a-comin’, white fokes, an’ de dry bones in de valley (Wolfe 27).” How can a man with such Biblical devotion and knowledge commit murder? It could have been that Dick misinterpreted the Bible and believed he was doing God’s will by trying to rid the world of evilness. Why else would have Wolfe mentioned the Biblical verses that Dick had marked when he last read the Bible. “The Lord is my shepherd…‘3. He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. ‘4.

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