The Child's Viewpoint in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Essay

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The Child's Viewpoint in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte In the novel 'Jane Eyre' we see the journey of how a boisterous and rebellious girl turns into a sensible and determined woman. It also shows us the search symbolic search for love and her identity. The novel itself is set in the middle of the Victorian period where women and children had no rights. A woman's place was at home where as a husband's was to earn money by being a landowner or pursuing a profession. Social class was everything. However this social class was often achieved and judged by how much money an individual had and also was often abused. We see this illustrated by Brontë in her use of characters and they often show the flaws…show more content…
This is due to the fact that she owns nothing and doesn't have a penny to her name. In chapter one, we also see how Brontë portrays the Reed children has well fed, well dressed, happy and overall spoilt by Mrs Reed: "The said Eliza, John and Georgina were now clustered around their Mama in the Drawing Room." I feel that this portrays how the Upper class children were well treated and loved, yet they are selfish to the person that receives the least of these things, Jane. We also see this point when Mrs Reed contrasts her own children with Jane as being nice, behaved children of her immediate family. They are compared to the undisciplined and rebellious child of a distant relative who is provoked to act in such way so that she attracts the attention of others. These acts cause an effect on Jane's life and she is therefore forced to believe that she has a lower status than everyone else does. We find out also in this early stage of the book about how Aunt Reed sore an oath to Mr Reed when he was lying on his death bed that she would take care of Jane as though she was "one of her own". However we can already establish that Mrs. Reed is intolerant, strict and imposing toward Jane. She despises Jane because she is not one of her own children that she loves and cares

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