The Chilean Healthcare System : A Multi Faceted National Health System

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The Chilean Healthcare System The Chilean Healthcare System is a multi-faceted national health system comprised of a private and public option component. The public option component covers approximately seventy percent of the Chilean population (Paraje &Vásquez, 2012). The private option component provides insurance to approximately twenty-five percent of the Chilean population (Höfter,2006). The Ministry of Health ensures all Chilean citizens receive free and equal health care services ensuring the freedom of choosing public or private health care services. History The history of the Chilean healthcare system is complex yet revolutionary. The start of an established healthcare system began in 1918. In the western hemisphere,…show more content…
These programs served individuals and their families while meeting the basic health care needs of a developing country. In 1973, the government was overthrown and a dictatorship occurred. This caused state-ran healthcare to cease. During this time, health care services went back to a free market concept (Manuel, 2002). In 1989, the country returned to a democratic process of electing leaders to un Chile after overthrowing Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean dictator. With the return of the democratic process, the start of the new health care era began (Reichard, 1996). From the 1990s to present day there has been an increase in government funding for wellness to help individuals receive quality health care services. However, some free market policies from Pinochet’s days have reluctantly stayed in the policy development of ongoing health care development. Delivery of Health Care Services The Ministry of Health provides Chile with a non-biased governing health care commission that establishes National health care policies, procedures, and directives aimed at providing standardized, evidenced based quality health care to the entire Chilean population (Helmke,2011). Moreover, the Ministry of health supervises the standards of five public health organizations whose mission is to provide equal and free health care access to the citizens of Chile. The National Health Fund, National Health Services System, The Public Health Institute, The Procurement

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