The Chilean Press

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“The Chilean press has managed to uphold a strong tradition of editorial freedom ever since the country’s first newspaper,” (RoughGuides). The media and its median is ever changing and evolving all over the world, to truly understand any form of media today we must trace it back to its beginnings. Every country has their own set of laws for the press and we need to understand how economical and social issues, as well as events, influenced in changing and shaping the media, as we know it today. Chile’s first newspaper, La Aurora, was published in February 13, 1812. It was published by anti-royalist and was considered pro- patriotic and anti-Spanish. It consisted of a single sheet and was published weekly on Thursdays. La Aurora, ended its publication just fourteen months after it began, this was due to a new newspaper hitting the press: El Mercurio de Valparaiso. The paper began as a four page spread containing a sort of “potpourri” items that ranged from political news to general interest columns. In June of 1900, El Mercurio, came out with an edition for the country’s capital: Santiago’s: El Mercurio. Today, El Mercurio, is the longest running newspaper in the Spanish-speaking world (Culture & Customs, p98). In Chile it is also considered the most serious of the daily publications the country has and viewed as conservative. Santiago’s Sunday edition of El Mercurio, is highly advertised. Santiago also has an English newspaper, The Santiago Times, which publishes
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