The Chimera of Ethnic Humour

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Humour has always had the ability as long as anyone can remember to bring people together and unify them to become closer and better acquainted. As humour developed over time different categories of humour appeared. Ethnic humour is one of the categories that was created decades ago and continues to be widely used in present day comedy. The concept of ethnic, racial, and gender humour is as sensitive a subject today as it has ever been; and yet there has never been such a prolific quantity of this humour as there is in current day society. It manifests in American culture's films and stand-up comedy routines, as well as on popular TV sitcoms. Ethnic humour is one of the only types of humour that can bring laughter and joy to people while …show more content…
The audience for this “annihilated” single system with N incongruity” (Davis 28). The joke sets up a system of the debate on abortion throughout the world. The unexpected and an incongruity then occur with unnatural responses and the system is broken and this is what triggers the laughter. The style and way the joke is set up can closely be compared to many other categories of jokes. But what sets ethnic jokes apart is how the system it creates makes a person think of an ethnic group, then commonly has a play on that ethnic cultures common stereo types which are often very biased and racist.
Furthermore, another way that this joke can be analyzed and viewed is through Lois Leveen’s perspective. Leveen points out, That if the teller and the audience of the joke are non Jewish the joke has a sense of prejudice and is hyper critical. However, if the teller and audience of the joke were Jewish, the joke would then be comprehended in a different light. The Jewish would take the joke from someone within their group and enjoy it because of a sense of pride, connecting Jewish life to elevated expectancy they would be happy to be known for (Qtd. In Rapport. The Sword 1).
This analysis that Leveen gives sheds light on how it is feasible for ethnic jokes to have many different meanings; depending on the content, teller and audience of the joke. Thus creating humour from one

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