The Chimney Sweeper

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POETRY ESSAY The Chimney Sweeper Thesis Sometimes people are forced to grow and live in the harshest of conditions, it can be hard to see God in those dark and bleak times but those who can, are truly blessed and know that their sufferings will only be temporary. Outline I. Introduction- Bringing to light an appalling state of affairs regarding children who have no loved ones The Chimney sweeper Overview: Sold into child slavery at an early age Forced to grow up quickly Examples of imagery in the poem Hard working conditions Dreams of a better time and place The author uses imagery to describe how the…show more content…
and shine in the Sun.” It is clear in the poem that the author is one of the young boys who is living in what seems to be a type of orphanage home ran by the head chimney sweeper. He tells of all the boys living in the home with him, and he mentions one of the boys in specific named Tom. Tom seems to be a particular sad boy that he mentions who has trouble sleeping at nights in the room with the other boys. The story’s narrator mentions how he has been living in these conditions with these boys which are like his family for almost all his life. It is clear that Blake is also writing this poem out of a sense of protest about the conditions that these boys along with many others are forced to live and work in every day across England. In conclusion it is evident that Blake is writing this poem to bring to light a major calamity in England. The practice of young boys being forced to work and live in these types of conditions is appalling. Many western world nations passed child labor laws during the 19th century. Blake’s poem about the life of a child having to work and live in these types of conditions probably helped people understand the need for these types of laws. Reading Blake’s detailed poem about children who were chimney sweepers, leads one to believe that perhaps Blake may have had some personal experience as a chimney sweeper
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