The China Syndrome Film Analysis Essay

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Nitin Jacob
ESA 320
Film Paper
December 6, 2011
The China Syndrome – Nuclear Power Plant Throughout my life I have always been interested in the theatre. I have enjoyed all types and forms of theatre. I have been too many plays and I have even attended an opera. My favorite form of theatre however is in the form of movies. The movies have been an escape from reality for me. It allows me to enter a world of fantasy and action, while being in a relaxed state of mind. I think my love for the theatre stemmed from my grandfather. My grandfather owned a movie theatre in India. Every time I would visit him, he would always take me to his theatre. We would always go into the projection room and he would show me how the
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In other words, the core would have melted down to the earth and hit the groundwater, which would contaminate the area with radioactive steam. Throughout the film, Kimberly Wells, Richard Adams, and Jack Godell, try to alert the public about the risks of the production of a new nuclear power plant, while people are trying to stop them. The people that are trying to stop them are people that are people that are hired by the head operators at the Ventana Power Plant. Jack Godell goes into the plant with a gun and holds the control room hostage, demanding a live interview to tell the public how the power plant was dangerous. While he was doing this, the police come in and shoot him. Right before he dies, Jack Godell feels a faint vibration in the ground, but is unable to tell anyone. The connection I had with this topic is that over the summer, I took a class that told us to write about a specific topic. The topic that I wrote about was the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster. I heard about the Fukushima Power Plant disaster very briefly and did not realize about the effects that were caused. It is horrific to think that people are living with radioactive pollution in the air. They could die instantly from the contamination. It is very cool to see a movie that focuses more on the issues that relates to the world
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