The Chinese Capitalist Essay

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In a New York Times article dated February 20th, 1997, author Patrick E. Tyler writes about a political “wizard” who put China on the road to capitalism. The Chinese “capitalist” (this is not capitalism in a western sense, but more of a communist/capitalist mix) Revolution is very significant in the study of world history; especially considering the Maoist form of government it sprang from. Notably, there is one small-statured Chinese leader who this essay will focus on in the context of the revolution: Deng Xiaoping. Although his slightness of size didn’t offer any insight into his grand political stature, an inquiry into his life certainly does. This essay will provide an informative glimpse into the life and times of Deng Xiaoping through a chronological ordering of events. First, a look into Deng’s early life and political momentum will be put forth. Then, a summation of his career under Mao’s rule will shed some light on his track to ultimate political power. Finally, we’ll look at the post-Mao era and how Deng fits into Chinese political history. Each area of focus will also include the relevance to the larger context of the revolution itself.
It is important in studying any political figure to take a careful look into his/her background. This section will explore that idea, as well as illuminating the path to power. In August 1904, Deng was born in the Sichuan province in central China. His parents gave him the name Deng Xiansheng, meaning "early/first"…

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