Essay about The Chinese Cultural Revolution

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The Chinese Cultural Revolution

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, beginning as a campaign targeted at removing Chairman Mao Zedong's political opponents, was a time when practically every aspect of Chinese society was in pandemonium. From 1966 through 1969, Mao encouraged revolutionary committees, including the red guards, to take power from the Chinese Communist party authorities of the state. The Red Guards, the majority being young adults, rose up against their teachers, parents, and neighbors. Following Mao and his ideas, The Red Guard's main goal was to eliminate all remnants of the old culture in China. They were the 'frontline implementers' who produced havoc, used bloody force, punished supposed 'counter
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The role of Red Guard was mainly to attack the ?four olds? of society, as well as purging all bourgeois elements within the government. The following excerpt, from an interview between an ex-red guard father and his daughter, explains what the four olds were:
?We were told to destroy four types of things: 1 ~ anything of the old feudal culture (relics, statues, monuments); 2 ~ anything connected to capitalism; 3 ~ anything related to the development of the mind (libraries, old university buildings, art, classical musical instruments); 4 ~ traditional Confucian customs, symbols, philosophy and education.? (Interview with Mr. Nie)

The Red Guards used the four olds as a basic guideline on what to attack and not to attack. Another standard, which all revolutionary efforts were to be judged by, was from Mao?s ideas found in his little red book of quotations. The little red book was a collection of quotations taken from Mao?s past speeches and publications.

The Red Guards? actions were a reflection of Mao?s policy of revamping passion, and destroying counter-revolutionary symbols. ?They named and renamed street signs and buildings, and ransacked museums and destroyed old books and works of art. Many famous buildings like temples and shrines and heritages were destroyed. 4,922 out of a total 6,843 were destroyed.?

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