Essay about The Chinese Invasion and the Rape of Tibet

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The Chinese Invasion and the Rape of Tibet “All I want is for my people to be happy and free from suffering”. This is what the Dali Lama has stated to be his only wishes for the people of Tibet, what should be referred to as their basic human right. Over one million Tibetans have died since 1959; the deaths are a direct result of the Chinese occupation, either through harsh prison conditions, summary executions or starvation.[1] In the years since the Chinese government has taken over Tibet, Tibetans still in the country and those living in exile in Darsalma, India, have depended on the assistance of others for basic needs such as health care and education. The standards of life have not been the same since China has taken…show more content…
They are focused on rebuilding infrastructure and similar expenditures which are insignificant when people are dieing. From my research I have discovered that China and International Governments are only interested in Tibet as an economic center. Although they do give money to the Tibetans, and some Tibetans are happy, China is leading a cultural genocide in Tibet by demolishing the Tibetan culture for those Tibetans who still remain in the country. Forty-Five years after China’s takeover, Tibetans are still facing the same social issues they did in 1959.[2] I believe for any changes to occur within Tibet, International Governments need to begin to pressure China for the end of their oppression and cultural genocide of the Tibetan people, instead of promoting it by giving to China’s projects for Tibet’s economy. Education Three key sociological components which are essential for Tibetans to receive the happiness which the Dali Lama wants for them are education, the right to practice their culture, and health care. Historically in Tibet, the most important knowledge was Buddhism and children would go to the monasteries to learn.[3] There were no real schools, in the western sense of the word, there was no need.[4] People became herdsmen and monks, therefore an education was irrelevant. Because, of the Chinese government and their modernization plan for
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