The Chinese Revolution By Ha Jin

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The Chinese Revolution was a period when China underwent a lot of political, social, and economical issues. This is the setting that Chinese-American author Ha Jin used for one of his novels called Waiting. This novel portrays a kind of self-made image of how China was during its revolution and its intentions of becoming an industrialized country. In the novel the main character Lin Kong is married to a woman named Shuyu. Lin’s parents wanted him to marry Shuyu for the sole reason of the care that Shuyu will give them for the rest of their lives. Essentially Lin has a child with her and then decides that he wants to divorce her because he found her very unattractive. Each time he would lose the case and this would go on once a year for nearly two decades. Meanwhile Lin already has himself a girlfriend in the city. At this moment of time in this Chinese society there were many rules that were set for certain types of relationships for example like Lin and Manna’s relationship. These rules were too restricting in the way that one is controlled in what they can and cannot do. In communist China the strict rules forced onto the people builds up a tension with their desires, affecting their actions and motives resulting in the blurring of their definition of love. This is shown through the change of Lin’s actions. In the novel Lin is in a relationship with Manna Wu as was said earlier. Since she is his girlfriend and they were living in China there was a certain set of rules

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