The Chinese Royal Court

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Paper has been around for centuries, dating back as far as 105 A.D., when it was invented by members of the Chinese royal court. Ever since its innovation, paper has steadily grown to be extremely important in the daily lives of different societies and cultures across the globe today. Here in America for example, it can easily be said that the average person consumes some form of paper every single day. Our society revolves around the consumption of paper. It is involved in many aspects of daily life, such as our food, our education, our hygiene, to decorate and clean our homes, our occupations, our recreational activities, art, and even in holiday traditions such as gift wrapping and cards. Paper is even used as the main form of exchange in our country, and therefore in a sense it could be said that America runs on paper. Being a current college student, paper is more vital in my life than it has ever been before. On average, I consume at least 20 sheets of paper most days of the week, between note taking and printing lecture slides or homework assignments. For this reason, I decided that sheet paper would be an interesting topic to perform a commodity chain analysis on. I have always consumed it daily, but I came to realize that I do not know much about what goes into producing it, and what it takes to get it into my notebooks and printer. Besides using paper for my education, I too like every other American use paper daily for many other things like money, hygiene, food,
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