The Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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The Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies is one of the most world renown brand for cookies. Kraft Food Inc. owns and controls the company of Nabisco, which has many brands under it including the brand of Chips Ahoy cookies. In 1961, Chips Ahoy was first introduced and is currently the second best brand in the U.S. behind Oreo. The product is very well known because of its small, delicious, round shaped cookie covered with a few pieces of real milk chocolate chips. They are of the color brown and are used good as snacks, while dipped in white whole milk. These cookies are packaged in a blue plastic type cover, and its top cover is labeled as Chips Ahoy real chocolate chip cookies. The packaging is very unique because it comes in resealable packages, so that it can never get old and always stay fresh. On the back of all Chips Ahoy cookies, a nutrition label is shown which portrays basic nutrition facts, such as calories, total fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Chips Ahoy cookies has many different types of unique selling propositions. They include selling them at convenient stores, through vending machines, at supermarkets, and at other stores in general. Chips ahoy sellers present the product differently than that of the competitor because they advertise it regularly through billboard, television, and social media. One of their main differences is presenting it through their website, where they have computer games such as chips ahoy soccer shootout, which attracts many

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