The Chiropractic Office Of Dr. Ronald Wheeler

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My experience in the chiropractic office of Dr. Ronald Wheeler further validates my desire to be a chiropractor. I have always enjoyed helping others and as a chiropractic patient I became interested in this field after multiple successful chiropractic visits. Dr. Wheeler, a long time chiropractor in Anniston, Alabama is the doctor who encouraged my passion even further for this career field. The dedication he displays to his patients is compared only to his love for chiropractic care. I believe that I can become highly skilled in chiropractic services, and I hope that in the majority of cases, I will be able to solve the problem of pain for people naturally. I want be efficient, professional, and establish trust between myself and my patients. Instead of prescribing drugs for pain, or sending a patient off for surgery, I want to offer solutions that will be permanent and sustainable without drugs or even surgery.
In addition to chiropractic care it is important to look at some of the duties that are the backbone of the operation and keep the doors open. The mechanics of the business are crucial to the success of the day to day business. Therefore, the reception staff, office manager, x-ray tech, and chiropractic assistant play an important role in the day to day operation of the business. Some of the duties I was involved in were checking patients in and out, learning medical billing and coding, shadowing the doctor, recording vitals, cleaning the office, filing,

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