The Chocolate Cookies With A Sweet Cream

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Oreos: beautifully simple. Two chocolate cookies with a sweet cream in between. The Oreo brand has been loved by Americans for its entire 100-year history. The shelves of our grocery stores are packed with them, and they fill our cookie jars. Whether by themselves, or with a glass of milk, they are irresistible. What is it about these cookies that has captured our cravings? How has it become such a big part of the cookie industry? It is, in fact, the industrial support of the Oreo that has elevated the cookie to the position it is in now. The Oreo was first offered to the public on March 6, 1912(Bakery Network). They were manufactured by the National Biscuit Company (now Nabisco), and became an instant hit. But this was not the first chocolate cookie sandwich. Chocolate cookie sandwiches were a popular homemade treat since the mid-1800s, and the Sunshine Baking Company’s Hydrox had already been on the shelves for around two years. However, the National Biscuit Company was much larger and stronger than its competitors. Formed from the merger of the country’s largest bakeries in 1898, the company was extremely modernized and was selling half of America’s cookies. National Biscuit, using an ad campaign, and its powerful production capabilities, easily pushed the Oreo past Hydrox on its way to become one of the most popular cookies of all time(Palmer). One of the most beautiful things about an Oreo cookie is the name. It is so simple and catchy, a three-syllable word with
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