The Choice Of Assisted Suicide

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ed. For the immense number of ill patients, the solution to their suffering is predominately quality sedative care, of which I ardently encourage. Though there are ill patients who seek sedative care, there is a significant amount of terminally ill patients for whom palliative care is not the solution and who suffer tremendously until they die. These are the type of patients who wish to end their suffering by making the decision to end their lives with the assistance of doctors. This also allows them to end their lives with dignity, and place of their choice. The only way to prevent suffering of this amount is to revise the law so patients are allowed to lawfully receive assistance to peacefully pass away. The acceptability to…show more content…
Though the minimum age is 18, the average age of female patients to whom PAS was administered was 65 years old; for men, the average age was 62. For both men and women PAS was most frequently performed in the age-categories of 60-69 years and 70-79 years, and the demographics of those who choose to administer assisted suicide is discretely towards those who are elderly. With this, those who choose to end their life with dignity have lived long enough to make such a decision. In places where assisted suicide is legal there is no evidence that the law is being abused, impotent populations are being targeted, or that the patients are being constrained by physicians and or their family members to choose this action. The right to die and to decide when life is no longer worth living for is essential for human freedom, autarchy, and personal sovereignty. Neither the government nor religious establishment should foist their own notions of ethics upon individuals who are not harming others. A ban on physician assistance to suicide as applied to suit terminally ill patients who wish to avoid the unendurable pain, substantially interferes with one’s protected liberty interest and cannot be sustained. Envision yourself facing endless suffering and excruciating pain but can do nothing about it. One becomes desperate to find solutions to end their agony but chooses not to ask beloved ones due to the trouble it could
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