The Choice Of Cpu And Intel Core I7

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1.0 Choice of the CPUs
The choice of CPU will influence the other decisions one makes about the ability to find a compatible motherboard, CPU cooler and (to some extent) power supply. The Intel Core i7 4820K and the Intel Core i5 -4670K can be easily differentiated. The main Characteristics of both are explained as follows:
a) General Characteristics of Intel Core i7 4820K
1. The Operating frequency is higher in Intel i7-4820K.
2. The Intel Core i7-4820K is not "locked", that is, the processor can be easily over clocked on most motherboards for better performance.
3. This processor includes Advanced Encryption Standard technology which provides AES encryption acceleration to secure the disk data.
4. The i7 is hyper threaded, which means that it can handle twice the amount of threads than i5, putting it at a capacity of eight simultaneous threads. b) General Characteristics of Intel Core i5 4670K
1. The Intel Core i5 comes with higher operating frequency than the Core i7.
2. Power usage of the microprocessor is better.
3. AVX, AVX2, F16C and FMA3 instructions are included in the Core i5-4670K. These extensions are not widely used in applications.
4. The i5-4670K combines Graphics Processing Unit that can be used for casual gaming and 3D apps, but it is not too fast to run latest games at full resolution.
5. The i5-4670K uses The Socket 1150, which is still effectively supported by Intel.

1. b Performance
CPU performance of Core i5 parts is slower than that of Core i7.

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