The Choice Structure Of Nicholas Sparks

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The novel The Choice structure is organized in chronological order by stating the beginning, the middle, and the end. The book length contains of 272 pages that includes the Prologue and the Epilogue that are divided by the part 1 and part 2. Also there are 22 chapters and its within 2-5 pages most chapters. Without this highly organized structure that Nicholas Sparks has implemented we wouldn 't understand the novel.

Additionally in the novel The Choice has many techniques that help the readers visualize the flashbacks and the plot structure. For example, some of the flashback are times that Travis and Gabby had spent before the accident had happen. Also the accident is a flashback that Travis shares with us the readers to understand what 's going on. Travis sometimes has dream sequence about expecting that Gabby will wake up one day from comma after the three month she has been.

The Choice is in chronological order that in the beginning Gabby moves in the neighborhood in North Carolina, the first time she sees her neighbor Travis she think negative about him. When she think’s that Moby had got pregnant Molly she goes and claims at him. Travis fall in love at first sight and just wants to be a friendly neighbor to her. Then Gabby goes to the vet and she doesn 't expect to see travis their, then Gabby’s dog gives birth and she goes and calls Travis for help. After that Travis and Gabby become the best friends after one day that Travis invites Gabby to go with him and…

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