The Cholera Epidemic Outbreak Epidemic

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The Cholera Epidemic In this paper, I am going to discuss the epidemic that was going on during the time in which my story was written. The Cholera epidemic was a very serious illness and was spreading very rampantly. I will discuss the signs and symptoms that are associated with the illness and what was the probable cause. I will also discuss a few changes that were made with public sanitation do to the outbreak of Cholera. During the dread reign of the Cholera in New York, I had accepted the invitation of a relative to spend a fortnight with him in the retirement of his cottage ornee on the banks of the Hudson. We had here around us all the ordinary means of summer amusement; and what with rambling in the woods, sketching, boating, fishing, bathing, music, and books, we should have passed the time pleasantly enough, but for the fearful intelligence which reached us every morning from the populous city. Not a day elapsed which did not bring us news of the decease of some acquaintance. Then as the fatality increased, we learned to expect daily the loss of some friend. At length we trembled at the approach of every messenger. The very air from the South seemed to us redolent with death. (Poe 1) Cholera is an intestinal infection that can claim its victim’s life within hours if not treated promptly. It is caused by eating or drinking something that is contaminated with
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