The Chopin 's Music And His Influence On His Music

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No one could have ever produce Beethoven music, one of the reasons why his music is continuously more significant that untrustworthy myths of him. Beethoven was one of the first composers to know how he wanted to compose his music without the opinions of others affecting his mind. Before Beethoven’s time, other composers, such as Mozart, could not do what Beethoven could have done with the judgments of other minds of his music. He always knew what he wanted, nothing could stop him from doing what he truly adores and nothing could possibly get into his way either. No Composer, Symphonist, and Quartet-writer could or shall be compared against the wonderful Beethoven himself. Ludwig van Beethoven was the birth name that his family places upon…show more content…
He thought his son was but a younger prodigy of the great Mozart. Beethoven mistakenly thought he as born in the year of 1772, instead of 1770. Beethoven performed for the first time at the Cologne on March 26, 1778. Beethoven performed various clavier concertos and trios at Cologne. Supposedly his father proclaimed his son to be of the age of six when he preformed at the Cologne, but in actuality he was seven and a half. Therefore Beethoven could seem more sophisticated for his age. For that, Beethoven assumed that he was two years younger then he actually occurred to be to himself. Beyond the years in his life, he ran a cross a reproduction of his baptism certificate. Beethoven had a sibling that was previously born before he was and died as a child, he assumed that it was his brother baptism certificate. Beethoven has completed many masterpieces throughout his existence. He wrote nine symphonies, thirty-two piano sonatas, one opera, five piano concertos, and numerous of string quartets. In 1782, Beethoven published his first work titled 9 Variations in C Minor for piano on a march by Dressler at the age of twelve. “Beethoven composed his first piano concerto when he was 14. He composed other music, as well” (Soft School). Septet, Op. 20, this piece was one of his first hits in society of musical and why preformed by seven instruments. His most known piece through out classical music was the Fifth

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