The Choral Concert Of Pasadena City College Essay

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The “Fall Choral Concert” was held in Pasadena City College, on Friday November 4, 2016 at 8pm. The concert was an hour and half long and was performed in the Westerbeck Recital Hall (CA 140). The performs of this concert were mostly students of Pasadena City College, whom according to their teacher and conductor Mr. Guerrero managed to put an amazing performance in only 6 weeks. The Conductor of the Choral Concert was, PCC concert choir and chamber singers, Rodger Guerrero who has just joined the Pasadena City College Faculty a year ago. Additionally, Marina Fortuna Dean was the director of the Opera scenes. The choir arrangements were pretty consistent during all the plays. There were three rows of …. on the stage in the center. The Piano was placed in the center to the left side of the stage. For some plays which needed extra instrument such as guitar, percussion or cowbell chairs were placed on the right side of the stage for the players to play the instruments. In the contrary, the orchestra arrangements were not persistent during the play. Almost each section of the play had its own orchestra arrangement. However, the conductor stood in the center of the stage for the most part of the play except for the plays with opera scenes. The first play was performed by the combined choirs which called “You are the new Day” composed by John David. The shorter version of the same song was played at the end of the concert. The shorter version of the song was as the

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