The Chosen -Reb Saunders

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REB SAUNDERS It takes a lot of trusting character to be able to be a Jewish Rabbi, but not just anybody can do it, its passed on by generation by the chosen family to take on that path. In the Chosen, a fictional novel by Chaim Potok is a story of Reuben Malter is a traditional teenage orthodox Jew who befriends Danny Saunders, a Hasid, which his father happens to be the well known infamous Reb Saunders. The religious tensions grow as Danny begins leave the destiny of becoming the next generation rabbi of the dynasty, Reb Saunders character is shown as he deals with Danny’s situation. Reb Saunders is fanatic pious tzaddik of his Hasid community, which mean he’s the head of the family dynasty. He is greatly respected as their leader and…show more content…
“Once I looked up and saw his father looking at me, his eyes black beneath the thick eyebrows. I looked away, feeling as though my skin had been peeled away and my insides photographed.” (187) Once again, we are reassured of his powerful potent presence by the uncomfortable feeling Reuben receives. Reb Saunders powerful dark eyes make you sense that power which radiates off his charisma. As a final example, Reuben comments during breakfast at Reb Saunders house about Jewish State and he bursts with rage. “ ‘The land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob should be built by Jewish goyim, by contaminated men?’ Reb Saunders shouted again. ‘Never! Not while I live!’ ”( 286) Reb Saunders was quickly offended and burst into powerful inflamed anger , left everybody is stunned and speechless. He has such a powerful solid beliefs that if anybody threatens against it, he will react in apprropriate way but powerfully. As a result, Reb Saunders powerful presence allows to show how strongly the Hasidic faith is. Without having that presence he would not create such intimidating impressions, and nobody would take him seriously or think he even believed it too. It was not also Reuben who noticed it but, his own father, Danny and other people. Reb Saunders is pious throughout his Hasidic faith in the book. In the beginning, during the Shabbat Reb Saunders begins to speak about God in such a piously
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