The Chosen Service User Groups Of People With A Physical Disability And A Young Carer

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This assignment will initially define and discuss the chosen service user groups of people with a physical disability and a young carer. Following this there will be a discussion on identifying the needs of the young carer and the person they care for, the range of roles the young carer might provide and the issues involved providing informal care support, the range of support available for both groups, and the role of policy and legislation.
A person with a physical disability is someone who has physical impairments which they may have been born with or happened to gain in a result of an injury. Having a physical disability limits you from doing daily activities yourself.
The Equality Act have stated the definition of someone with a
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(NHS Choices 2016)
Being a young carer for someone who has a physical disability can be very overwhelming so it is important that the young carers’ needs are being met. Taking a break from caring such as going away on holiday, this would be the time for the young carer to relax and just look after themselves for a short period of time, not worrying about no one but themselves.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important for a young carer as they tend to forget about their own health because they are focused on the person they are caring for. Ways the young carer could maintain a healthy lifestyle is, making sure they have a balanced diet, making sure they do some form of exercise for 30 minutes a day and to even attend screenings every once in a while at their local doctors to make sure there isn’t any medical problems to be addressed.
Having a social life is definitely something what a young carer should fit into their lifestyle. A social life can consist of going out for meals, meeting up with a group of friends, going out doing fun activities and going out on night’s outs. Having a social life would be something the young carer could look forward to and most importantly the young carer would feel like a normal teenager having fun.
Staying in education is very important for a young carer. Getting an education would lead the young carer to become successful and get good job. Young carers would
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