The Chosen Signature Assessment, Iep File, An Assignment From Eduu 601, Assessment And Iep Development

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Core Course EDUU 601 Essay
The chosen signature assessment, IEP File, is an assignment from EDUU 601, Assessment and IEP Development. This signature assessment clearly expresses the Program Learning Outcome (PLO) number 4. PLO number 4 is Assessment, which is concerning being able to utilize achievement tests to assess students in a comprehensive manner. The book used for EDUU 601 was, Assessment in special education: A practical approach, written by R. Pierangelo, & G. A. Giuliani. (Pierangelo, 2002)
The Individualized Education Program (IEP) assignment for EDUU 601 included two goals with objectives and an IEP for the student. An IEP is developed for an individual student who has been determined to be eligible for special education. The persons involved with the development of an IEP include the parents, teacher, psychologist, service providers if needed, the student if able, and any other individuals from the school or district that are appropriate. The services provided could include, behavioral services, speech therapy, assisted technology, adapted physical education, or occupational therapy.
Before an initial IEP is written, the child would need to be identified as most likely needing special education and any applicable services. After the child is evaluated and it is decided the child is eligible for special education, a meeting for an IEP is scheduled. The meeting must be held within 30 days of when the child was considered eligible. During the initial IEP, the
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