The Christ Of The Covenants

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Prior to reading The Christ of the Covenants, I was unaware of the emphasis placed on the covenants, likely due to my un-Reformed background. After reading this book, I feel that it fully demonstrates the relationship between five covenants God instigated with Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, and David in the Old Testament, and how they are reflected in Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection in the New Testament. In answering four basic questions, I discovered this main idea to be true time and time again. This book forced me to think critically on how God’s five covenants relate to the entire message presented in Scripture, unity and diversity, covenant theology vs. dispensational theology, and strengths and weaknesses in the entirety of the book. Robertson exhibits his vast knowledge of the subject with a concisely structured index outlining one clear point for the entire novel: the relationship between the old and new covenants. O. Palmer Robertson views the covenants as necessary to understanding Scripture. They are mandatory for us to attempt to interpret the grand scheme of redemption. While the actual word “covenant” may not appear in Scripture until Genesis 6, the first old covenant with Adam was established prior to this. Sufficient proof that it did indeed exist can be found in the detailed descriptions of the rituals of the covenants. When attempting to relate the main message of Scripture to the covenants, we can look at redemption. The redemption story,
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