The Christian Liberty Party Is A Minor Conservative Political Party

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The Christian Liberty Party is a minor conservative political party in the U.S., which used to be known as the American Heritage Party (Eby). The name Christian Liberty Party The name expresses an idea, a principle for our times, that points to Christ as the source of Liberty for both men and nations (Eby). The Christian Liberty Party formed to provide an explicitly Christian perspective on politics (Eby). They help equip Christians as Statesmen, mobilize Christian Citizens, and Advance Christian Solutions (Eby). This party will benefit our society and our nation because we will have leaders who preach equality and a holy life (Eby). It would put an end to the bias and greediness of our world’s leaders today. We further acknowledge our heritage as a Christian nation as confirmed by the U.S… Supreme Court when it ruled in 1892” (Eby). The Christian Liberty Party founded by William C. Goodloe in 1992, and Dan Eby in 2000 (The Politics and Governance Portal). The ultra-conservative party’s ideology is based on the tenets of Christianity (The Politics and Governance Portal). It seeks to frame national political debates, and thereafter, the governing of the nation, under the principles of Christianity and the words of the Bible (The Politics and Governance Portal). In 1992 they were known as the American Heritage Party, in 1998 they switched to Washington Taxpayers Party, and finally in 2010 they became the Christian Liberty Party (The Politics and Governance Portal). This
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