The Christian Missionaries Transformed Okonkwo 's Journey

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The Christian missionaries transformed Okonkwo’s sense of identity by changing his views on society, his surroundings, and his emotions overall. As the readers followed Okonkwo’s journey, they felt conflicting connections with him and the tribe as the new religion took over and the Ibo culture was being taken away. Okonkwo’s sense of identity came and went with the Ibo tribe, but his fear of being weak stayed the same throughout his journey. Okonkwo’s everyday life before the new religion interfered, consisted of his heated emotions, a complete family, and living in a strong, dependable Umuofia, where he was greatly respected. He first gained his respect in Umuofia by literally throwing his biggest obstacle, “In the end, Okonkwo threw the Cat” (Achebe 13). This symbolizes the time in his life when fear took over everything weak in his life, and when he stands up for himself. Gaining his respect in a place that is, “powerful in war and in magic, and its priests and medicine men were feared in all the surrounding country” (Achebe 21), is a major achievement. In Umuofia, decisions by the tribe whether to go to war or not, were easily made. For example, when a neighboring tribe murdered a daughter of Umuofia, the Oracle and Umuofia knew that “the war that now threatened was a just war” (Achebe 22). The neighboring tribe therefore fearfully handed over a virgin and Ikemefuna. In this feared place is where Okonkwo raised his family of three wives and eight children. He “ruled
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