The Christian Reformed Church ( Crc )

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This was a fun assignment and I learned about the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). Although, I am not a Calvinist, the CRC’s position on the authority of the Bible appears to believe the same as me, that the Scriptures are sufficient and no other source is needed. However, there is mention of “Freedom of interpretation” that confuses me a bit. For this assignment I have broken down the CRC position sentences to dissect each major claim.

Scripture, the saving revelation of God in Jesus Christ, addresses us with full divine authority in its total extent and in all its parts, and therefore the CRC speaks of the Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God.

DeYoung talks about General and Special Revelations. I do believe in a special revelation where God reveals to us that we can be saved. For me personally, I did not believe I could be saved. In fact, it took me years before I believed God gave me a revelation that I could be saved.

DeYoung says, “through the Scripture we can hear and read. … Special revelation is God 's self-disclosure through the spoken and written words of divinely inspired messengers. Both means of revelation are important, and both are taught in Scripture.? (DeYoung, p.78) The CRC’s position is therefore accurate on the inspired and infallible Word of God.

There has to be a level of trust for a new believer that the Bible is completely trust worthy. I believe this to is provided in another special revelation. “To trust completely in the Bible is

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