The Christian Religion / Holy Bible And The Bible

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Telling stories in great detail, whether verbally, or written down, has always been a part of human civilization among various cultures. Thus by knowing what our ancestors honored or thought to be entertaining, while passing down cultural values, we too are able to learn from them and put such knowledge into a modern context. Particularly dealing with the Christian religion/holy bible that was forcibly spread throughout the world with colonialization, many stories interpreted from it produces various perspectives that seem to change as years pass, with bibles being revised/edited. Even translation from ancient languages into modern languages are not always perfect, so real misunderstandings will remain. However, as society evolves with scientific advancement and more people consider opposite viewpoints to justify or change theirs, evidence has been found that can disprove events in the bible and the bible as a whole. Others who have faith in the bible’s truthfulness also say some type of evidence can prove such questionable stories that preach Jesus was indeed on earth. Focusing on an excerpt/chapter from 2 distinctly different books, Christopher Hitchens critiques the faults of Christianity/religion, and Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart together, explain the true meaning of the 4 gospels and proclaim their belief in Jesus. All authors share their views on the bible/the value of narratives, and how that influences the reader’s interpretation of how the authors present their
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