The Christian View Of God

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With recent technology offering a more comprehensive perspective of the current global atrocities, the existence of evil has never been more prevalent. If evil is defined as extreme suffering, premature death, and moral corruption, its existence questions the Christian view of God. The Christian God is an all-seeing, all-powerful being of moral perfection. Because these two truths cannot coexist, the fact that evil exists disproves the existence of the Christian God. If God is omnipotent, He could prevent any injustice. Since injustice does exist, it is necessary to modify either our perception of God 's morality of, the extent of his power, or the limitations of human understanding. It is unlikely that God allows for the existence of evil due to a moral reason. This view of morality comes from our modern interpretation of ethics and would need to justify the pain and prejudice evident in the human world, deeming it either neutral or good. Many of those who have experienced tremendous injustices also fail to reconcile the existence of God and evil. Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor, writes in his autobiographical work Night that "I did not deny God 's existence, but I doubted His absolute justice," (Wiesel, Ch. 3). It is an abuse of power to justify the suffering of others based on an end-goal without their consent or acknowledgment. If we accept this as fact, our perception of morality must change to include this defense of suffering. Thus, if the basis of faith and God
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