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The Christian View of Revelation Revelation by definition is the disclosure of facts or theories through religious events that have previously remained hidden. For Christians revelation is mainly associated with the revelation of God to his people throughout the ages. God has made himself known to us but we have to consider that he has also presented himself to us, with the choice up to us whether we accept his love. God has not pressed Himself up us. His acts of love remain the motivation for our acceptance of God. We have free will, but His motivation for revelation is His love for us. It is by this natural reason which has been in existence for eons, that our belief in God has developed and…show more content…
The Old Testament’s portrayal of the revelation of God sees Him reveal himself through the media of the prophets, in his wisdom and the introduction of His holy laws and through nature and history. God’s role was to prepare His chosen people for the arrival of the Christ. God sent prophets to warn the people of the suffering that would be endured by His son and the trials and tribulations they must undergo. Through God’s revelation of Himself in the Old Testament God teaches us about himself and key lessons about ourselves too. He has offered Himself to us, for us to decide to engage Him or not. Revelation reaches its climax in the New Testament, through the arrival of Jesus and the events that followed and remain during and after his ministry. God makes himself fully know. God takes not only an active approach but also furthers his revelation through the incarnate world. God no longer speaks through intermediaries but through His son, the messiah. This emphasises God’s humanity and divinity. Christ was the embodiment of God’s qualities and intentions, but he also brought the very important aspect of his identification with man and all man limitations. Christ suffers for man and brings salvation. God’s revelation in the New Testament is centered on Salvation. God saves and brings good news. God chose to express Himself fully and finally by becoming man and walking with us. God no longer
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