The Christian Views On Happiness

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India Perdue
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Deanne Harper
15 March 2016
The Christian Approach to Happiness
How should we live in order to be happy? Western society, even academia, are thoroughly obsessed with this question. We observe happiness in unexpected ways and places, and see great damage done in its absence. We experience happiness as powerful and intoxicating. We assert confidently that it is good. We yearn to understand it, define it, and capture it. Happiness is the great enigma that even young children seem to feel, but even great scientists cannot fully explain. In every discipline happiness meets new definitions and explanations. Every discipline arrives at nuanced conclusions about the source of happiness and the most productive means of pursuit. Christian doctrine is no exception, both the Christian bible authors and the Christian writers that came after them grapple with ideas about the essence of happiness and how to approach it. While the world perceives ultimate freedom and autonomy as crucial in their pursuit of happiness, Christians assert that happiness is a product of committing to the things that you love and that bring you fulfillment. The Christian approach to happiness is embedded within a holistic framework to find fulfilment and meaning in life through worshipping God.
In order to address the Christian approach to happiness, we must first establish what happiness is. Happiness as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary is a state of well-being, contentment, or
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