The Christmas Day : The Dangers Of Christmas And Christmas

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Today is November 1st, which means in approximately 22 days I have to clock in at work. You may be thinking, You have to work? Big deal. But, if you take a moment to think about it, that day falls on Thanksgiving. The thought of “The Holidays” might provoke feelings of togetherness, happiness and warmth. But, for others, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a stressful, surreal blur.1 Many Americans strive to make Thanksgiving perfect by planning and prepping weeks—even months—before. Walmarts and other stores are packed to the brim with customers from the months of November to January. Last year, Walmart sold more than 150 million pounds of ham and turkey before Thanksgiving. In November alone, more than six pies were sold per second at…show more content…
And that’s wrong. Many of us have heard the phrase “more bang for your buck.” Walmart creatively uses their “Pre-Black Friday” sale to make more money faster. If the sale begins earlier than Friday, customers are more drawn to it. It provides them with more time for the other sales they may want to catch on the actual Black Friday. The leftover items from Walmart’s Thanksgiving sale— for example a $10 toaster—sell faster the following Friday than they used to on the following Saturday, because the customers are more active on Black Friday. I mean, who doesn’t like leftovers? My local Walmart Store (and my employer) currently employs around 296 people. Sadly, the majority of them will be working the Thanksgiving sale. It is nearly impossible to get Thanksgiving off, but if you are lucky enough, the date has to be requested during the summer months. Even then, it is still very unlikely. Last year Walmart had more than 22 million people shop on Thanksgiving Day, which is more people than the 18.5 million people that visit DisneyWorld in one year (Risen). Walmart had 1.4 million employees in 2016, meaning that more than a million people had to work on that holiday (“Walmart Black Friday 2016 Facts and Figures”) Being forced to work on a holiday while you could be spending time with family affects morale. Let’s look at a more personal example. For the past few years, my mother has worked a full shift on Thanksgiving. Because she is a
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