The Christmas Holiday From The Federal Calendar

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Omitting the Christmas Holiday from the Federal Calendar

The establishment of a legal holiday is best defined as a day where there are no courts, labor, and is a day of joy and rest. While there should be a separation of church and state, Christmas is considered a legal holiday and one needs to question the validity of establishing this day as a legal holiday when one looks at the concept of separation of church and state and considering the diversity we face in today’s modern society.

Christmas in in fact defined as a Holyday. This should not be considered a legal holiday due to the fact that it is Christian based and we do not have legal holidays that recognize other religions. The United States does not have a recognized national religion, so Christmas should be separated from legally recognized holidays.
In the American Law Register the opening paragraph gives an interesting point of view on this matter. “Notwithstanding the distinction drawn by the great American Lexicographer, between a holiday and a holy day, where by the latter should be used as the proper term for a religious festival, while the former should rather denote a day of exemption for labor and of amusement, joy and gaiety, the common impression seems to liken both the holiday and the holyday to the great weekly day of rest and legal inaction? (Uhle 137)

With cultural diversity being what it is today, and the many different religious traditions that comes of this, establishing a holyday as a legal

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