The Chrysalids Critical Analysis

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When an individual fails to accept society`s ideal vision of life, they become victim to the prejudice of those who have already conformed to this perspective. In The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham, the ideals Waknuk has set pressures the community into a certain cloud of thought, the character of David is set to explore the era`s situation and learn whether or not to live abiding the standards or facing hatred. This desire for perfection influences prejudice in the hearts of the citizens by illustrating guidelines as to how they should be living their lives, striving towards anything that differs from this ideal will result in the unavoidable consequence of partiality. The perception of what is deemed a flawless society is a concept that might not be adopted by everyone, there are those who do their best to ignore it, and other who are simply unable to comprehend its severity. Wyndham begins the progression of his protagonist, David…show more content…
She was simply an ordinary little girl… Surely having one very small extra toe… Surely that couldn’t be enough to make her ‘hateful in the sight of God…?—the ways of the world were very puzzling…” (14) David is able to identify what a deviant is, what separates one individual from another, but he is currently incapable of understanding how grim the matter truly is in regard to the “true” image. This interpretation of what a human`s perfect form should be is outlined by Waknuk society as the all-mighty truth, something undeniable and supreme, however, Storm finds himself baffled by this ideal and finds himself inefficient at grasping its complexity. The entire philosophy of the “norm” being the purest and only human concept deemed correct didn't instantaneously occur to David, the situation repeating itself in David`s mind as he wondered about the extremity of Sophie`s condition. Every society has its own standards or set of defined laws that is are like an iron wall, rigid and inflexible, and it is left upon
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