The Chrysanthemums Analysis Essay

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Brainstorming Thesis: “The Chrysanthemums” points out the flaws society has concerning gender inequality, specifically the oppression and underestimating of women. This is clear in the characterization of Elisa, Henry, and the Tinker, the symbolism of the chrysanthemums, and the motif of clothing. Modern version Elisa tends to her chrysanthemums Henry is a business man Henry and Elisa go to a work party. Elisa makes polite, but meaningless conversation with the wives of Henry’s co workers. Elisa meets Jim, a journalist and traveler. She is inspired by his lifestyle but he remarks “It’s a difficult life ma’am. Never knowing what country you will be in next week. It takes some manly courage.” Not meaning at all to be sexist. Elisa and Henry drive home and talk about the wives of his co workers and how friendly they were. Elisa agrees and turns away to hide her tears. Summary The story starts off with a description of the setting. Next, we are introduced to Elisa’s character as she tends to her chrysanthemums in her garden. She observes her husband talking to two business men. When the conversation finishes Henry and Elisa talk about how talented she is at gardening and they make plans to see a movie that evening. Later, while gardening, a loose-wheeled wagon turned into…show more content…
The flowers are beautiful and eye catching, but serve no real purpose to the house. Elisa feels a connection to the flowers when she tends to them. She claims to have “planter’s hands” just like her mother. When someone compliments or asks about the chrysanthemums her mood brightens, as if they are acknowledging the work that she puts in and her talents. However, after the tinker leaves and Henry and Elisa are driving down the road, she notices that the tinker had discarded the chrysanthemums she had given him on the side of the road. This symbolizes the society that she lives in discarding her abilities and drive because of her
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