The Chrysler Building Essay

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Today technology allows us to construct structures that we would never have been able to make in the past. Some of the creations are impressive based on what they accomplish but others are masterpieces in themselves. Man’s capability to build such tall buildings, as the skyscrapers we are familiar with covering our cities today, is a major expression of the advancements we have made as a culture. The power necessary to build such tall structures inspired competition between architects to see who could build the tallest one. One skyscraper that has inspired many and served as a model, for high rise buildings that were created after, is the Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building serves as an identifying mark to anyone that…show more content…
Although these problems were corrected and the idea of building a skyscraper became a feasible task, there were many conditions that had to be taken into account, that did not need consideration when building a structure less than 40 stories tall. Four story buildings are supported by their own walls; however a new method needed to be created for skyscrapers since the previous building method would not provide enough support. Metal skeletal frames made of columns and beams were then developed to provide the support and strength needed for the skyscrapers. As the buildings grew taller, their structural design was made lighter and stiffer. Also, as the buildings grew taller, wind became an important issue. Normally, the force that acts on the skyscraper pushes directly downward towards the ground that would then counter balance that push. However, when an additional force acts on it, such as wind, the forces would act differently on the skyscraper. With a lateral force acting on the building, the steel columns of the frame on the windy side would stretch apart slightly while the columns on the other side would compress. Therefore, the skeletal frame built had to be made so that the structure would be free to move slightly with the wind and, at the same time, remain sturdy.

The initial plan for this particular skyscraper built on
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