The Church : A Diverse Body Of Persons Professing The Christian Faith

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CB- Final Paper- P&P
The Church is a diverse body of persons professing the Christian faith. The people called Christians are those that understand and witness the birth and death of Jesus Christ. This conveys that they believe Jesus Christ to be the begotten son of God, the creator of this world. “Church” is a term that is used to identify Christians that exist in different parts of the world. (Irenaeus) They are also called “the body of Christ,” or the “ecclesia.” This suggests that the people who form the Church are persons of the body of Christ as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:27 and Romans 12:5. The paper will focus on the purpose and calling of the Church, the relationship of people in position as pastors with the congregation. The paper will specifically highlight the role of discipleship through the Group 1 Case Study. The paper will engage the historical context of readings and integrate the course readings, class lectures and field trips for the Pastor and People Course.
The congregation that forms the church and the churches of the world takes shape when people gather in the name of God. Theologically speaking, this can be pointed to Jesus’ words about the gathering of two or three persons and Christ being present among them. (QUOTE) Does this mean to convey that a single person cannot be the church? Definitely not, each person of the body of Christ can be compared to one of the seeds of a fruit. Each seed is capable of bursting initially into roots and then

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