The Church And Alcohol Abuse

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The Church and Alcohol Abuse The Church 's Teaching on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol The Scriptures and the practice of the Church see alcohol as a gift of God. The Psalms praise God who has given us "wine to gladden our hearts," (Ps. 104,15) and the Gospel tells of Jesus providing wine for the wedding celebration at Cana. Every Sunday we gather at the altar where at Jesus’ command we offer and receive wine that has become his blood by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Scriptures and the Church are also very straight-forward about the abuse of alcohol. St. Paul made it clear in his instructions to the community at Corinth that “drunkards…will not inherit the Kingdom of God.” (1 Cor. 6,10) Instead, we are called “to live sober, upright and…show more content…
Alcohol in Today’s Society In our country the inappropriate use and abuse of alcohol has become a normal part of the social scene. It begins in our high schools and even our middle schools where the problem is often phrased by parents and school authorities in the question, “Should we let the students drink?” Unfortunately, the real issue all too often is intoxication. On college campuses across the nation, Catholic and secular, the problem of alcohol abuse has become so epidemic that it is a major concern for college administrations. Apart from the fact that regular bouts of alcohol abuse can block personal growth and intellectual development, such abuse can contribute to many serious but preventable problems: traffic accidents, sexual harassment and date rape, peer violence, unintended pregnancies, and the early development of alcoholism. The problems and consequences of alcohol abuse are not limited to the young; they pervade our whole society. According to a national report, one in ten persons is an alcohol abuser, and one in four is affected by the abuse of alcohol in their own families. National studies show that Wisconsin has too often been among those states which have the highest rates of binge drinking and chronic drinking. We do not need a survey to know that driving cars, boats and snowmobiles while under the influence is a serious
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