The Church And My Beliefs As A Baptist

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Introduction Throughout my entire life I have been faced with the different viewpoints between the Catholic Church and my beliefs as a Baptist. One teaching that was very interesting to me was purgatory. As I got older I began to understand sin and it’s affects regarding our relationship with God. In this paper I will be researching Purgatory and diving into what it is, where it comes from and where you can find it in scripture.
What is Purgatory? Throughout the years Purgatory has been explained as a waiting process before heaven. According to McLaughlin Purgatory is somewhere where souls go and suffer for a certain amount of time after death. This suffrage comes from the sins that one was not able to repent for before the time of their death (McLaughlin 1). Similarly, author J.P. Ardendzen compared purgatory to hell stating, “ … The pains of hell and purgatory are in all things equal to those of hell, except that the pains of hell are eternal, and those of purgatory only temporal” (Ardenzen 29). The pain and suffering of hell comes from our rejection of God, where as our pain and suffering in Purgatory can contribute to two aspects. The first aspect is our soul, which suffers through all the evil we have faced in our lives no matter if we realize it or not. No matter how much we love God, our soul still seeks evil that we need to cleanse it before reaching heaven. Secondly, our compassion for Jesus our whole life is something we have encompassed before our death. Our
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