The Church And The Baptist Church

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On Monday the 22nd, I went to the local Crossroads Baptist Church, located close to home at in Leesburg, VA. This was my first time experience as I am Hindu and my parents never exposed me to any churches. Dr. Kenneth K. Baldwin was the pastor at the time I went. Luckily, I got the chance to speak with him after the service. After our discussion, I realized that he had a great vision for his church and is doing a great job leading it to in the right path. I sensed his passion for preaching as they were evident during the service through his tone and demeanor. Despite this being my first visit to a church, I learned a lot of interesting things about churches and Christianity.
The pastor read the verses Philippians 2:5-11. Due to the complexity of the scripture, I didn’t fully understand all the verses that were covered. Therefore, I decided to talk to the pastor, Dr. Kenneth K. Baldwin, to get answers to the questions I had. His responses to the series of questions I had made the meaning of the verses recited very clear. After talking to the pastor, my interpretation of the scripture is as follows. Christ became just like any ordinary man and gave up his life on the cross. God sent him to heaven for his sacrifice for mankind. Then I asked him, what did the “highest place” referred to in the text. He went on to explain that “highest place” referred to heaven. At one point during our deep discussion, he stated that Jesus gave up his life on the cross for everyone’s sins. He…
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