The Church And The System Of Monarchy

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For centuries the comfort of traditions was how humans lived. The teachings of the church and the system of the monarchy was the way the cities and countries were ruled and people would not question it because it was the way that they must be follow or else there would be consequences. Although there were those who constantly reinforced the old customs, change is inventible in history. People stopped listening to the church and started to learn for themselves. The enlightenment period was born and the old world was a talk of the past. It completely reinvented the ideas and beliefs of olden days and brought on a new look for the world that they’ve been accustomed to. Thus pushing away the church supremacy and bringing forward the age of reasoning, the period of enlightenment is the most profound event in history because of the increase of social interactions between people, the exploration of nature and the change in political views. One of the most important social developments from the enlightenment period was coffeehouses. As people formed their own opinions on political topics, there was a want to discuss and improve on arguments that were created by people. At first only the most prestige members of society would gather in a location and have debates or discussions. People who were not on the social ladder also wanted to participate in discussions, and had to make a more common ground to meet up. This became the birth of the coffeehouses. Drinking Coffee was also a new
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