The Church At Sardis, An Important City

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1-6: John writes to the church at Sardis, an important city “located on an almost inaccessible plateau”, and known for its worship of the god Artemis. Jesus is spoken of as “him who has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars”, referring to the Holy Spirit (seven spirits of God representing perfection and holiness” and seven stars (referring to Jesus’ divine power over the cosmos). Jesus calls this people to “wake up and strengthen the things that remain”, because Sardis is in deep spiritual turmoil. If they do not repent, Jesus will “come like a thief”, at a time which no one knows. There is an “element of imminence” within this call, warning the people of Sardis to wake up and become alive again, because no mortal human can know the time or date when the Son of Man returns. To those who have endured, however, they are allowed to walk with Jesus because “they have not soiled their garments.” These people are given a “reward for perseverance through suffering”, and because of their cleanliness they are allowed to walk with Jesus in white in their unsoiled garments. This does not necessarily means that “they have merited justification, but that they have done nothing to forfeit it” by keeping themselves in white unsoiled garments. Jesus says of the one who conquers that he “will never blot his name out of the book of life”, and some take this to say that people can lose their salvation. This likely is not the meaning, however, because by God’s grace people are…
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