The Church In Captivity Summary

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The Church in Captivity: The Ecumenical patriarchate of Constantinople: The First speaker, Nicholas has a wife named Susan and she gave birth to two daughters, Lisa and Alexandra. He lived in Canonsburg. He presents the story of missionaries in Christianity. According to Nicholas, the spreading of Jesus’s method was initiated by two brothers named Andrew and Peter. The history of the Ecumenical Patriarchate Church (EPC) began with the ancient patriarchy in five major cities. The first three large cities were Rome, Alexandria, Antioch and the following two Constantinople and Jerusalem played a significant role during the split of Christianity. St. Peter was centred in Rome first; however, after the split, he was also in Antioch. St. Mark was…show more content…
The church property declined from 8,000 land to 500 and the lost land was confiscated. The property was confiscated due to denial of building permits and thus property fell into disuse. Churches then became obligated to conduct services and non-Turkish citizens were not allowed to have jobs in Turkey. As it has appeared frequently, Nicholas also claims that there existed governmental interference in the selection of Ecumenical churches in which restrictions in religious freedoms became an “institutional genocide”. To support his claim, he used the forcible closure of the Orthodox Theological school of Halki as an example. “44 of 50 resolutions written telling the Turkish government to give the Orthodox the freedom, so why was there no action?” In addition, Nicholas points out that the churches were taxed by “42% on 55 hospitals that are Christian but treat more than 30,000 Muslims annually.” He also mentions the Turkish architectural plans that have changed churches into mosques multiple times and have restricted the priests from wearing their dress code by generalizing the need to wear a suit in public. Proceeding his lecture, he concludes his ideas
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