The Church Is A Place For Healing

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According to the author, people want to believe that the church is a place for healing. The churches are telling people they can heal, so they want to see it. The church has been telling them Christ is the answer to all their problems. In a practical way, do these people find the church a place of love and acceptances? “Do they find an environment that demonstrates God’s unconditional love and promotes personal healing? Too often, they do not.” (p. 11) It is wise and mature leadership in the church that can see the issues and mentor these new believers to healing and wholeness before “dumping” them in needed service roles.
Trying Too Hard
The author believes that churches fail because they try too hard. We become so passionate and overzealous we take the fun out of being a Christian. Life is lived with a set of do’s and don’ts. Rules do not promote holiness and growth. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for their adherence to rules, but denying the spirit of grace and mercy. “We try hard to be “righteous” enough to bring healing to people, but that very effort works strongly to prevent the healing we strive so hard to promote.” (p. 12) As the author says, Lighten up in Jesus’ name!”
Three points made by the author does not provide a healing environment is (1) we talk too much, (2) we need to listen to God first, and (3) we need to make others feel loved by listening to them.
Watching Seeds Grow
As a church, our job is to take people and give them everything for life and

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