The Church Is Holy Through Complete Devotion And Love For God

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The church is holy through complete devotion and love for God. Because the church is holy, the church has the duty to love and take care of all people. Holiness is a dedication to God. This dedication is formed individually by the people of God, who are the church. However, not every person of God is one hundred percent holy. Only Jesus Christ had complete dedication to God, but the church strives for this dedication. Throughout time, there has been role models of holiness within the church known as saints. Throughout the church’s history, there has been many saints that lived their life in complete devotion to God. For example, Joan of Arc was known as a “Fool for God.” As a teenager, she trusted the Lord and followed her call to lead a French army to victory. She went against all odds but continued to put her faith in the Lord. Even when she was captured and burned at the stake, the saint never lost her faith. James Martin writes in his book, My Life with the Saints, “Joan was devoted to Jesus Christ, to prayer, to the sacraments, to the church, and to its saints. She believed in God even when God asked her to accomplish the seemingly impossible,” (My life with the Saints, 25). Pedro Arrupe, another saint studied within the book stated the following about devotion to God, “He or she is a person who hast the conviction that Gods knows, can do, and will do what is best for mankind,” (My Life with the Saints, 91). Throughout life, the people of God face many setbacks, but

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