The Church Of Hot Addiction

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Chapter Twelve: The Church Of Hot Addiction
Patrick felt anxious right now. He was teaching his AP Chemistry class on the Smart board about Atomic Theory. He 'd been on edge all day because he had ran out of suppressants just yesterday.
It was all Pete 's fault. Patrick was supposed to go on his weekend shopping last Saturday, but Pete had decided that he wanted to drag Patrick to the mall and buy some random ass tupperware that Pete needed for some damn reason.
Now, Patrick was situated in front of his entirely alpha class with a warm feeling pooled in his groin area. He didn 't like the eyes staring at him, wide eyed. At this point, Patrick knew better of his students. It wasn 't their fault.
Patrick glanced at the clock more than usual. He really wanted to go home and get rid of his heat over the weekend. But he was stuck for another period to teach science to his students that weren 't giving him the most comforting look.
Patrick let out a huge sigh as the last student from fifth period exited the room. His face has turned beet red and his breathing had turned into quick, open-mouthed breaths.
Shit, this was gonna suck. Patrick could feel it in his sweaty, little body. This was going to be the worst heat of his life. Patrick had to get out of here or else he would drip slick all over the fucking carpet.
Patrick sprung up from his chair and started to get up. He didn 't have a class to teach as sixth period was for planning. He technically needed to stay in his
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