The Church Of Jesus Christ

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Commonly called “Mormons,” though they prefer to be known as Latter-day Saints. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was formed in the first-half of the nineteenth-century by its founder, Joseph Smith. Smith was said to have been visited by God, the Father, and Jesus Christ after retreating to the woods to pray for guidance. At the time there were multiple competing facets of Christianity and Smith was unsure which to join. To answer his question, God and Jesus Christ told him not to join any of the churches, but to restore the one true church. After Jesus’s crucifixion, Latter-day Saints believe the original church fell after followers argued over his teachings leading to the loss of his true message. Later, Smith was visited by an angel named Moroni, who announced the existence of two gold plates for him to find. The plates were in an unknown language so, through God’s help, Smith translated the plates into English. Once they had been translated, the plates were taken back by the angel. The translation of the plates came to be known as the Book of Mormon, which is the groundwork of the church for Latter-day Saints. Smith and his followers, due to the hostility of the local population in New York, left to settle westward where they could practice their religion freely. Along the journey, Smith was murdered by a mob for his religious beliefs, but his follower continued on and settled in Utah.
On February 14th, I interviewed Kevin Anderson at The Church of Jesus…
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