The Church Of The Brentwood Baptist Church

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1. Please fill out the following basic information about your visit.
Church Name and Address: Brentwood Baptist Church 7777 Concord Road Brentwood, TN
Date and Time of Service: November 6, 2016 at 9:30 am
Name of the person you spoke with on the pastoral staff: Pastor Dodridge and Steve Layton
2. Describe any previous experience with this church or why you chose this church.
The Brentwood Baptist Church is not a church that I have had any previous experience with. I had the opportunity to attend the Brentwood Baptist Church while on vacation in Tennessee. First, I chose to attend a Baptist church based on the fact that my children’s father attended a Baptist church throughout his childhood which would allow my children to have an experience in a Baptist church. The second contributing factor in the choice was the size of this particular church. Although our home church is the largest church in our hometown the Brentwood Baptist Church is much larger than our home church. The third contributing factor of the choice was the close proximity of the church to the resort that I was at.
3. Identify the type of worship you participated in according to the categories on “How to visit a church.” Then, list and describe the elements and order of the worship service. Note any points in the service where passages from the Bible were read and cite the specific passage at that point in your list.
The Brentwood Baptist Church most closely resembles the free church traditions worship style.…

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