The Church Of The Brethren

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Church of the Brethren does not accept abortion. Participating in abortion is not support their beliefs. Church of the Brethren is a denomination that was formed to continue their practices their own way. They started as a small group and to this day still recruit new members. They solely use the New Testament as their source of guidance for the practice they preach. Rational Choice theory explains Church of the Brethren 's position in opposing abortion.
"The Church of the Brethren opposes abortion because the rejection of unborn children violates the love by which God creates and nurtures human life" (1984). This is the Church of Brethren 's official position concerning abortion. They feel they are responsible for the children who are unwanted. They believe in various alternatives to abortion for the people in their community. They still will love and support those who believe that eliminating a child from their womb is the correct thing. Opposing abortion falls in favor with the majority of the Church of the Brethren. However, meetings are held with the Standing Committee to discuss controversial topics, such as abortion. The Church of the Brethren suggests that human life existed way before conception in Psalm 51:5. Also in Jeremiah 1:5, which states that he, was acknowledged before conception. The life of the fetus and of the mother are described as valuable in Exodus 21:22-25 (1972). According to these scriptures, the life of a fetus is important before even existing.…

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